Alpha 9 E63 AMG BiTurbo Performance Package

The Alpha 9 Performance Package is the most well-engineered bolt-on system that you will find for the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG 5.5L BiTurbo. Once installed, you can expect an astounding 800+HP on pump fuel or well over 900HP with the optional race fuel calibration!  Easily running 10 second quarter mile times at trap speeds over 135mph, your Benz will have power on tap to outrun some of the quickest supercars in existence!

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Packages Starting at $21,949.95 (Labor Not Included)

Increase to800Horsepower

with over770ft-lbs of torque

using93octane gasoline

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The Alpha 9 Mercedes Performance Package

A Balanced OEM Quality System on a Higher Level

Our team of engineers designed the Alpha 9 Performance Package for your E63 AMG to improve both power and efficiency. Any tuning shop can produce horsepower, but it takes the proper coordination of the turbo, exhaust, cooling, transmission and intake systems along with a seamless tune to keep you grinning ear to ear for the long run! For this very reason, all components within the Alpha 9 were rigorously tested and refined to ensure harmonious functionality with one another.  The result is a balanced performance package that successfully mimics stock drivability, but on an incredible level much more visceral and intense than you’ve ever experienced in a luxury performance sedan from Mercedes-Benz. We explain it below!

Billet Wheel Ball Bearing Turbos that Respond

We begin with the most power-producing upgraded turbos available on the market for your E63 AMG – and without compromise. By implementing the latest in billet wheel, ball bearing turbo technology, you’ll experience improved acceleration throughout the entire power band with no loss in drivability or response!

While other turbo upgrades available feature just a simple compressor wheel upgrade, we chose to upgrade the whole turbo to unleash the true potential of your AMG! Our turbo upgrade for your M157 powered Merc consists of a complete replacement Garrett ball bearing center cartridge opposed to a wheel swap upgrade where just a larger compressor wheel is installed on the OEM journal bearing turbo. Our ball bearing units are built to take more abuse with less moving parts and present a quicker boost onset than standard journal bearing turbos.

Alpha 9 Mercedes Benz Biturbo Performance Packages

Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System

One look at the Alpha Mercedes-Benz 5.5L BiTurbo Intake System and you might think that it serves as an ornamental centerpiece within the engine bay of your luxurious E63 AMG. Hand laid carbon fiber airbox covers with mounting provisions for the original factory emblems coupled together with carbon fiber intake and intercooler tubing, it certainly looks like an OEM system. Well, function always trumps form when it comes to Alpha components and they must produce power or provide a much needed solution or they never make it into production.  This component alone uncorks another 30HP!

Alpha Performance Mercedes 5.5L Biturbo Intake System

Alpha 5.5L Biturbo Downpipes – More Power/Improved Sound

With our carbon fiber intake system able to channel more air to the upgraded turbochargers, a crucial improvement on the exhaust side includes a set of Alpha 5.5L Biturbo Downpipes. The 76mm mandrel bent design of these downpipes alleviate back pressure at an area of the system where it is needed most -right after the turbos. By relieving this bottleneck of exhaust gas inherent to the stock design, the system is able to run much more efficiently. This further improves responsiveness of the turbos and complements the upgraded intake resulting in more power!  Not to mention, the larger, more stout stainless steel design provides a deeper, throatier exhaust note – always pleasant and never overbearing.

Run Cooler, Faster, Harder and Stronger for Much Longer

Even with all things stock, the factory liquid-to-air intercooler and heat exchanger of the E63 AMG performs poorly under heavy load, in warm climates and throughout extended periods of driving. To resolve this issue, another component we provide with this particular Alpha 9 setup is one of our Turbo Cooler Systems.

Your Mercedes-Benz will be outfitted with one of our perfect-fitting  turbo cooler systems for improved performance. The larger, double pass Alpha heat exchanger and higher volume coolant reservoir lowers boost temperatures much better than the stock system and dissipates heat much quicker. With consistently cooler boosted air temperatures and less heat soak, your Merc will maintain peak acceleration capabilities throughout the duration of any trip no matter the climate or distance.

ALPHA ECU Calibration Provides Unmatched Power and Driveability

While other companies often use a generic tune for the purpose of managing their performance packages, our engine computer tuning is written in-house and specifically tailored to bring out the absolute best in your Alpha 9 E63 AMG.  Alpha tuning manages all the new found power of your beloved Mercedes so you can expect OEM like driveability without falter.

Optional Cat-Back Exhaust System

To further increase power and add a nice rumble you can choose to add the Alpha Mercedes-Benz 5.5L Biturbo Exhaust System. When it comes to your high-end luxury sedan, sound must be spot on! While some aftermarket exhaust systems go overboard in an attempt to improve performance, our design facilitates the same level of power production (if not a considerable amount higher) without the obnoxiously loud, raspy note and drone. Hear for yourself! No drone. No cabin vibration. What you get is a low, more subdued rumble at cruising speed that opens up to pure acoustic pleasure when on throttle!

Optional Transmission Clutch Upgrade

In order to handle hard launches, it is suggested to opt for the Alpha Clutch Upgrade for your 722.9 MCT Transmission.

Package Includes

Package Includes
  • Alpha 9 Turbo Upgrade
  • Alpha Carbon Fiber Intake System
  • Alpha 5.5L Biturbo Downpipes - 3" (76mm)
  • Alpha Turbo Cooler System
  • Alpha 9 ECU Calibration
Exclusive Benefits
  • Supercar crushing performance
  • 400HP increase over stock*
  • Big increases in power throughout the entire power band
  • Complete turbo assembly upgrade, not a larger wheel on a stock turbo
  • Ball bearing turbo for instant boost response and longevity
  • Smooth, stock-like driveability with no loss in fuel economy
  • Stock appearance using factory heat shielding
  • Quiet for cruising conditions
  • No exhaust drone
  • Speed limiter removed
  • OBDII emissions compliant
  • W212 2014+ E63 AMG 4Matic (AWD)
  • W212 2012-2013 E63 AMG (RWD)
  • S Model or standard
Package Options
  • Alpha Carbon Fiber Center Engine Cover
  • Alpha 5.5L Biturbo Exhaust System
  • Alpha Performance Exhaust (2014+)
  • Alpha 722.9 MCT Clutch Upgrade

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