GT-R Performance Package

The Alpha 10 Package for the Nissan GT-R combines the stock-like drivability of the Nissan GT-R with 1000+ HP on pump gas and over 1150hp on race gas. Typically, power like this comes at the cost of having to deal with drivability issues and a narrow powerband. That is not the case with the Alpha 10. Every aspect of this package was fine-tuned to provide a broad, usable powerband. Your GT-R will now more than hold its own on the road course and drag strip against most dedicated race cars, yet offer exceptional performance for the street.

Acceleration that will leave you breathless. Speed like nothing you have experienced. A power package that will leave ANY supercar in its wake. Over 2x The HP of A Stock GT-R, Mild-Mannered For Daily Driving.

Destroy the competition, transform your GT-R into an Alpha 10 today!

Packages Starting at $61,499.95 (Labor Not Included)

Increase to1,150Horsepower

with over950ft-lbs of torque

using93octane gasoline

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The Alpha 10 GT-R Performance Package

OEM Fit & Finish Combined With Record-Breaking Power

At the heart of the Alpha 10 Package is the Alpha Turbo System capable of 1200+ HP. In conjunction with the turbo system, all of the supporting Alpha Series components work in harmony to produce safe, reliable and consistent results. With this tried-and-true combination, we have successfully achieved unparalleled drivability, response and horsepower for your GT-R!

The Alpha GT-R Is Built Right The First Time

The Alpha 3.8L Race Engine within the Alpha 10 GT-R is fortified with the best forged components available – all balanced and blueprinted here at AMS. Alpha Series Camshafts are utilized for the most effective power curve and are complimented by a full Ferrea Competition Plus valve train. The transmission is prepared by with the latest Dodson and PPG components to offer you peace of mind while packing more than twice the horsepower of a stock GT-R.

Unbelievable Power for Your Street Car

Now you can have one of the fastest cars on the street or track with the Alpha 10 Package! Not even a superbike or the Bugatti Veyron can come close to the performance of an Alpha 10 GT-R!!

Optional 4.4 Big Bore Stroker

When you chose the Alpha 4.4 Big Bore Stroker things get even better. The added displacement through stroking the engine picks up 15% more torque achieving a 500rpm improvement in turbo spool time. Perfect for the street or road course where response is more important than reving to 9000+rpm at the drag strip.

Package Includes

Package Includes
  • Alpha 10 Turbo System
  • Balanced and Blueprinted AMS 3.8L Race Engine (Optional 4.4L)
  • Alpha GT-R Ferrea Cylinder Head Component Package
  • Alpha Series Custom Camshafts
  • Alpha Downpipes
  • Alpha 10 Transmission by Sheptrans. Upgraded with Dodson and PPG components)
  • Alpha 90mm Non Resonated Midpipe (Resonated Available)
  • Alpha Race Front Mount Intercooler
  • Alpha 76mm High-Flow Intercooler Piping
  • HKS Legamax Exhaust System
  • Tial Q Blow-Off Valves
  • Alpha Induction Intake Piping
  • K&N Air Filters
  • Alpha Map Sensor Upgrade
  • Alpha Spec Upgraded Fuel Injectors
  • Alpha Fuel System Upgrade
  • Cobb AccessPORT Tuning System
  • Alpha Calibration Maps (for premium gas and race fuel)
Exclusive Benefits
  • 1200+ HP; over TWICE the horsepower of a stock GT-R
  • Proven to perform with real-world results; LOW 9 second 1/4 mile times at 160mph
  • OEM-like fit and finish
  • Big power gains with unparalleled drivability and response
  • Up to a 145% gain in horsepower with stock-like drivability
  • 2 Alpha custom tunes incorporating hundreds of testing hours for pump and race fuels


Quality, Integrity, RESULTS

At AMS we back up our packages with real-world results. In preliminary testing, we shattered the World Record for Quickest and Fastest GT-R running a 9.1 @ 163mph in the quarter mile with a full-weight street car. 0 to 150 MPH was reached in just under a quarter of a mile! Now that’s performance that speaks volumes.

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