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Topspeed Motorsports Alpha 16s: 1st & 2nd Place at The Shootout – GT-R Quick Class

August 14, 2015
Come Sunday evening last weekend,  it was pretty clear TopSpeed Motorsports dominated the GT-R Quick Class at The Shootout by securing a 1st and 2nd Place finish with their TSM Alpha 16 GT-R and TSM-built Chicago Motor Cars Alpha 16 GT-R.  Both ran consistent all weekend long with the shop car running a best ET of 7.91 and the CMC car running a best of 8.38. Making their way through several heats, the two GT-Rs faced off  in the final round late Sunday afternoon. The blue TSM Alpha 16 GT-R was quicker but as true competition calls, TopSpeed owner, Nathan Ciccio wasn't planning to take it easy on their customer - stating, "You do know I'm still gonna give it everything I got right?" In which the owner of CMC, Parin Shah replied, "Whatever, turn my car up!" Both laughing out loud as they geared up for the final round. TSM's GT-R not only fired off four 7 second passes on Sunday throughout eliminations, it improved upon its record as the quickest & fastest Alpha 16 GT-R in the world. When a competition class for the GT-R first opened up at The Shootout hosted by Buschur Racing three years ago, it was John Shepherd, owner of Sheptrans and his Alpha 16 GT-R that won the GT-R Eliminator (video) - the top GT-R class at the time. Last year, Gideon Chamdi took the win in the new GT-R Quick Class with his blue Diamonds by Wire Alpha 16 GT-R (video). This year, Nathan Ciccio, owner of Topspeed Motorsports out of Alpharetta, GA made his way through each round of the GT-R Quick Class with the Topspeed Motorsports Alpha 16 GT-R - making it the third year in a row an Alpha 16 equipped GT-R won the top GT-R class at The Shootout. Congratulations TopSpeed Motorsports! All of us at AMS Performance are proud of your accomplishments and grateful to have our products represented by such an accomplished shop.

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